Club-Mate 500ml


Club-Mate is a carbonated soft drink invented 90 years ago by the Loscher Brewery company in Germany. The taste is best described as simply “unique” and falls somewhere between tonic water and a smoky iced tea. The drink is not very sweet, but is packed with energy! The natural yerba mate leaf extract used in the drink is the source of a fairly high 20mg/100ml of caffeine – meaning this 500ml bottle contains a whopping 100mg!

The combination of refreshing and energising properties of Club-Mate lends to the popular slogan “makes you feel great!”

Another slogan used for Club-Mate is, “you get used to it,” due to its unusual taste, which many find disagreeable at first. But you may find you get used to it too after you’ve had a couple!

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Carton with 20 bottles of 500ml.


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